We’re Back To Work

We are so pleased to be able to open our doors to all our lovely patients once again, you have waited so long for us to open.

We’ve missed you all during this coronavirus crisis, it’s so good to see you and put smiles back on your faces as you skip out of the surgery, with a new spring in your step, following your podiatry treatment.
Podiatrist's chair with social distancing measures
You’ll notice a few changes when you visit, we have taken steps to keep us all safe, to ensure social distancing where possible and extra PPE where social distancing is difficult. As none of us have legs 2 metres long your podiatrist will be wearing a face mask, they will also be wearing a single use apron as well as their usual single use nitrile gloves.
We have managed to source some sneeze screens especially developed for podiatrists, the sneeze screen is a piece of Perspex on an adjustable stand and is designed to go just above your lap. Feedback has been very positive, most people find it reassuring and a few have likened it to watching having their foot treatment on the telly!
On arrival please ring the doorbell and wait outside to be greeted. We kindly ask for friends and family to wait in the car. Hand gel is available in both reception and the surgeries for you to use.
We ask for you to arrive as close to your appointment time as possible, if you are early please wear a face covering whilst you sit in reception.
As so many of our clients are vulnerable to COVID-19, we are asking everyone to complete a 2 question form confirming that they are from a COVID-19 free household. When we call to remind you we will be emailing you a form which you then submit and it automatically links to your records. If you don’t have an email address, we’ll just ask the questions and sort out the rest.
We are proud to be a Coronavirus Compliance Company, we take the safety and protection of our team and patients very seriously. I’m hoping that with the new measures in place we will be able to continue to serve you even if there is a second spike and local lockdown. Even if we do have to close to routine treatments, we will always be open to anyone in severe difficulty with their feet. During lockdown Nina kept Torbay Footcare going single-handedly, using the triage information issued by the College of Podiatrists as a guide to who she could see.
Please bear with us as we iron out the glitches in our new systems. We have to get used to a new ‘normal’ until there is an effective vaccine, or we have herd immunity.

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