Top Tips for Preventing Chilblains

If you suffer with chilblains you must dread winter, follow these top tips so that you can keep you fingers and toes chilblain free.

1.Keep warm and stay warm, central heating is your friend
2. Wearing several thin layers is better than one thick layer
3. If you get cold avoid warming yourself up too quickly
4. Don’t toast your feet in front of the fire
5. Avoid putting your feet on a hot water bottle, if you’re cold in bed, cuddle a hot water bottle this will warm the blood going down your legs and help to keep your feet warm
6. When bathing make sure the water isn’t too hot before you get in
7. Avoid thin soled shoes
8. Keep feet warm in the house by wearing shoes and shoes
9. Make sure your outdoor shoes are waterproof
10. Don’t smoke
Feet in Christmas socks by an open fire
Chilblains occur in people who have an abnormal reaction to the cold, the circulation shuts down in the cool skin in order to preserve heat for your body’s core, but fails to open up swiftly when you warm up. This causes lactic acid to build up in the skin, which if the circulation stays shut off, remains in the skin causing pain and irritation. Chilblains will have a red swollen appearance and are often itchy when they first occur, they become bluish in appearance later on, if the skin breaks over them they must be kept dry and covered to prevent infection.
If you suddenly start suffering from chilblains in adulthood for no apparent reason, you should see your GP, you may be anaemic, some autoimmune diseases can also make you prone to chilblains.
For further help and advice on treating and preventing chilblains make an appointment to see one of our podiatrists. Call the surgery on 01803 521880.

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