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A corn on a foot

How to Get Rid of Corns & Calluses

Hard skin can form anywhere on skin where a joint is being rubbed or getting a lot of pressure. It’s a protective measure which enables us to walk around barefoot…

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Silhouette of a runner

Foot Pain – What You Need To Know

If we have uncomfortable feet, it affects every aspect of our lives. Chronic foot pain can be very depressing. Foot pain can be due to lifestyle choices, medical conditions or…

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A diabetic foot check

Top Tips for Looking After Diabetic Feet

Diabetes is a metabolic disease which can damage the circulation and the nerves in your feet, you could injure yourself without realising. Wash feet daily with warm water and mild…

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A verruca on a foot

Verruca Needling

The damp conditions of swimming pools and changing rooms make the perfect breeding ground for verrucas. If you or someone you know is prone to recurring verruca issues, verruca needling…

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A reconstructed toe nail

Toenail Restoration and Reconstruction

Whilst split nails have a tendency to catch on socks and fabric, nails that have lifted away entirely can leave you wanting to keep your feet hidden away. Make your…

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