Wearing Masks Saves Lives

Hi Nina Neal here from Torbay Footcare.
I want to talk to you about masks and how wearing a mask in shops and on public transport, helps to quash the virus and save lives.
I can understand anyone being confused about mask wearing as we have had mixed messages.
Countries where mask wearing is routine for everyone have quashed the virus very quickly, saving thousands of lives.
Healthcare workers routinely use masks to help to stop infections in wounds from germs on their breath. They offer some protection to the wearer but the main benefit is to everyone around the wearer, especially those directly in front of them.
Diagram showing chances of transmission of covid-19
The principle of wearing a mask to beat COVID is:-
My Mask Protects You, Your Mask Protects Me.
So everyone who can wear a mask, should wear one to help stop the spread of corona virus.
Before putting on your mask, make sure your hands are clean.
Hold the mask by the sides and place the loops over your ears. Adjust the mask over your nose and under your chin to get it as close a fitting around your face as you can, if you are using a mask with a metal piece over the nose, pinch it to the shape of the bridge of your nose. The idea is to trap any moisture in your breath which is where the virus is likely to be if you have it.
We can be infected with coronavirus several days before we show symptoms, this is why it is so important for everyone to wear a face covering.
My Mask Protects You, Your Mask Protects Me.
Even if you have had coronavirus, we aren’t sure how long immunity lasts and as the virus has mutated so many times, you may be able to get it again.
Whilst wearing a mask try not to fiddle with it, if you need to make any adjustments just adjust around the edges and don’t touch the middle. Clean your hands afterwards.
It’s advisable to have a small bag to keep your mask in when you’re not wearing it so that nobody including yourself are exposed to any germs which have accumulated on the mask. Don’t leave your mask lying around where anyone else can come into contact with it.
If you are using a disposable mask, make sure you bin it when you have finished with it.
If you are using a reusable mask wash it regularly to keep it clean.
Treat your mask like underwear.
If it becomes damp, discoloured or damaged, change it. Don’t leave it lying around, don't borrow or lend and don’t go commando.
Everyone who can put on and remove a face covering unaided should wear one.
There are many types of face covering available, again just like underwear different types suit different people.
If you have breathing problems you are excused under the Govt rules from wearing a face covering, but remember you are more likely to suffer more severe symptoms if you catch it, and studies show that people with breathing problems infected with COVID are more likely to it pass on to people around them.
Any face covering will help slow the spread of coronavirus.
The closer the weave of the fabric the more effective it will be, even if you are only able to wear a thin scarf over your face, that is still better than nothing.
There are lots of ideas for making your own masks online, many of which don’t require any sewing.
You can make a mask out of a sock, an old T-shirt, I’m sure there’s no end to your resourcefulness, 2 layers of fabric is all you need.
My Mask Protects You, Your Mask Protects Me.
Wearing a face covering saves lives.
If you really can’t wear a mask then perhaps try a face shield. It will provide a barrier of sorts.
We can beat coronavirus if we all pull together, everyone can do their bit.
My Mask Protects You, Your Mask Protects Me.
'Treat your mask like underwear' graphic

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