Working To Keep You Safe And Keep You On Your Feet

Lockdown 3 and we're still going!
Still Open.
Working to keep you safe and keep you on your feet.
Podiatrist Nina Neal examining a patient's foot
Another lockdown was bound to happen. Here at Torbay Footcare we have been working towards this, planning for it, and putting measures in place to keep us all safe.
We are allowed to stay open this time and we will continue to serve you as long as we keep well.
Podiatry is an essential medical treatment, you are therefore permitted to leave the house to attend your appointment.
If you have been to see us since the first lockdown you will have already noticed a number of changes, our reception has been totally reorganised to ensure social distancing, with wipe clean seating and a sneeze screen at the desk. We prefer to take payment by contactless where possible, if you only have cash or cheque we will give you an envelope to place your payment in. We also have hand sanitizer available at the door, reception and in the surgery. We ask everyone to wear a mask when they attend for their appointment. I’m afraid we don’t allow any exceptions except for very small children. If you have a breathing problem which absolutely prevents you from wearing a mask you are more likely to suffer severe disease if you contract Covid and you are more likely to pass it on.
Our podiatrists have a plentiful supply of PPE, all the surfaces which may have been touched in the surgery are cleaned down between appointments. The single use items are disposed of and reusable items such as podiatry instruments are put through a decontamination and sterilisation process.
We have recently purchased a hypochlorous acid generator to make our own disinfectant on site. This has the advantage of reducing waste from wipes which are slow to biodegrade in landfill and it also means we will never run out as it only takes 5 minutes to produce a litre. Hypochlorous acid in known to kill Covid in 15 seconds and has a wide spectrum of action against known bacteria and viruses.
To find out more about hypochlorous acid our new generator click here
We speak to everyone the day before their appointment to make sure they are well to attend. We understand that circumstances can change over night and quite understand if you suddenly feel unwell and need to cancel at the last minute. Please let us know as soon as you can so that we can rearrange your appointment.
If you arrive early for your appointment we will ask you to wait in surgery 2 to keep you safe and separate from the previous patient whilst they pay and make their next appointment. If you are arriving by car, you are welcome to park on the driveway and wait in your vehicle until we are ready for you.
Those who know us well will know that Nina has been risk assessing the situation and has been offering advice to the government in the form of emails to our Torbay MP, 10 Downing Street and to our local councillors. She is keeping abreast of the science and has some firm ideas about preventing the spread of coronavirus.
We are a Covid Compliant Company, you can check yourself in on the NHS Track and Trace app if you have it, but we have your contact details anyway so it’s not essential for you to use this facility.
The Torbay Footcare Team continue with mask wearing hand sanitizing and social distancing behind the scenes ensuring that if one of us becomes ill we don’t have to close down.
The Coronavirus situation is constantly under review, the safety of our patients and the Torbay Footcare Team is of paramount importance to us. We will only stay open whilst it is safe to do so.

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