Routine Foot Care

Woman's feet over a swimming poolAre you suffering with cracked heels, corns or callouses? Visit our podiatrists at Torbay Footcare and let us rejuvenate your feet.

To book an appointment, visit our clinic or to book a home visit in Paignton, Brixham, Torquay and Totnes, Devon today. Please contact us.

At Torbay Footcare in Paignton, Devon, we can carry out a range of routine foot care treatments. As well as toenail treatment we also treat and advise on all foot related pain, cracked heels, corns, callouses and veruccas and we also carry out routine nail care. Get in touch with our foot specialists to book an appointment today.

All our treatments include a follow-up plan with insoles and orthotics if necessary. We are also stockist of Epitact gel products, CCS foot creams and more to help with your foot recovery.

At the Torbay Footcare clinic in Paignton, we carry out a range of non-surgical foot treatments. From cracked heels to corns and callouses, we provide a complete routine foot care service.

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Our routine foot care treatments include:

Treatment of foot pain

Traditional acid treatment for verrucas

Cracked heel treatment

Removal of corns and callouses

Diabetic foot care

Insoles and orthotics

Chilblain treatment

Ingrown toenails

Appointments are available Monday to Saturday between 9am and 1pm and from 2pm to 5pm (7pm on Mondays, Saturdays are mornings only currently). Home visits are normally arranged for a Tuesday.

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