Prevent ingrown toenail pain by following these tips

A woman's bare feet on a sofa

1. Cut or file nails level with the end of your toe, if you are cutting, do this after a bath or shower when your nails are softer and easier to cut. If you are just filing the nails, it will be easier before bathing when the nails are dry and hard.

Diagram of an ingrown toenail
2. Avoid cutting down the sides of your nails as you risk leaving sharp edges.
3. Teach children how to cut their nails before they start doing their own.
4. Don’t pick at your toenails, this leaves rough edges and risks tearing the skin.
5. Make sure your footwear fits correctly. There should be about 1cm of room in front of your longest toe.

Diagram of shoe fittings
6. Avoid pointy toed shoes as this will put pressure on your toe nails.
7. Make sure socks aren’t tight over your toes. Tight socks will roll the soft skin around your nails causing the skin and hard nail to rub against each other.
8. Sweaty feet are more prone to ingrowing toenails, if this is you it may be worth changing your socks during the day.
9. If you have any loss of feeling in your feet then see a podiatrist to have your nails cut professionally, likewise if you have reduced circulation.
10. If you have difficulty seeing or reaching your feet to cut your nails again see a podiatrist

Diabetics should seek immediate help if they have an ingrowing toenail, as infection can spread more quickly and the condition will be slower to heal.

If you or a loved one has trouble with an ingrown nail call us on 01803 521880 there's no need to see a Dr we can sort it out for you

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