How to protect your feet when exercising

It’s never too late to kickstart a healthier lifestyle by incorporating exercise into your life. Finding a sport or physical activity that suits you can do more than just improve your fitness levels; exercise is a great way of improving your mental wellbeing, clearing your mind and relieving stress. But before you get started, you need to have the basics in place and this should start with having appropriate footwear.

This blog will explain how to protect your feet when exercising, preventing injuries and keeping your feet in good condition.

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Wear the correct shoes

When exercising it’s important that you invest in a good pair of trainers - sports trainers will support your feet and those with a proper sole will cushion your feet for heavy landings and protect you against common injuries. Make sure your shoes are a good fit with plenty of wriggle room and bring a pair of sports socks with you when you try them on, to ensure the fit is correct.


One thing many people forget to do is stretch and properly warm-up before they start exercising. Any type of sport or physical activity will involve your feet, especially cardio-based routines, so making sure your feet are well-stretched will prevent you from pulling a muscle or experiencing any pain.

Trim your nails

There’s nothing worse than starting your workout and being distracted by your nails digging into your skin. Improper cutting or not cutting at all can lead to problems such as ingrown nails, which if left untreated may progress into an infection. Plus, badly fitting shoes can also affect your nails if the front and sides of your shoes are too tight. To avoid this, keep up a good nail routine, by not cutting your nails too short and avoid cutting your nails down the sides as this will leave sharp edges.

Keep your feet clean

When you exercise your feet can get clammy and this can lead to athletes foot or fungal infections. To prevent this, you should take a shower as soon as you can after exercising, paying special attention to your feet, drying them properly especially in between your toes. Don’t re-wear the same pair of socks after exercising, and you can also pop your trainers in the washing machine every so often to kill off any germs.

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